Vortex86EX SOM-128-EX

86Duino Vortex86EX SOM-128-EX86Duino_SOM-128-EX_45DBUY


● Vortex86EX- 300MHz
● Onboard 128MB Industrial-Grade DDR
● Onboard 8MB SPI Flash Disk
● Ethernet MAC + PHY
● SATA Interface
● PCI-E Control Interface
● PCI-E Target Interface
● ADC Channel x 8
● USB 2.0 Port
● DMA Controller
● Interrupt Controller
● MTBF Counter
● xISA Bus Interface
● COM x 10 Ports
● GPIO x 80 bits
● 80 Pin selectable multi I/O
COM with TX/RX only
RS485 Auto Direction
SPI 1 or 2
Parallel Port
I2C, CAN, PS/2
Ethernet LED
Clock Out WatchDog
HD Audio
MCM (Motin Control Module)
● Support DOS, Linux, Windows Compact 7.0, QNX and VxWorkx

SOM-128-EX is a subtype of an embedded system and more likely an extension concept of system on chip. The reason we specially design this is that we understand what the difficult part of developing a new system is.
Usually, a tailored system for a special application would involve high overhead cost; however, if one adopts SOM, one can easily implement the already laid out pins of I/Os and connectors for consumers who want a customized system without committing months of design and paperwork.

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  1. Vortex86EX Datasheet V1.4
  2. Circuits Schematics for DM-205 (Vortex86EX SOM-128-EX)

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