Main specifications

Processor DMP Vortex86EX2 533MHz 32-bit x86
Position Sensor Absolute optical encoder 22bits PPR
Communication RS485 x 2 ports, 6Mbps
Gear Box Backlash <20 arcmin (0.33°)
Command Protocol EtherCAT / Modbus RTU (optional)
Weight 1,600g
Dimension 76(W) x 76(H) x 112(L)mm
Rotational Range 0°~ 360°, endless turn
Motor DMP high performance slotless brushless DC motor (240W)
Gear Reduction Ratio 111:1
Peak Torque 60.0 N-m (612 Kgf-cm) @48Vdc
Max Speed 110 RPM @(612 Kgf-cm)@48Vdc
Torgue Sensor Range 0-60 N-m
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ +70°C
Voltage Recommended 24Vdc~48Vdc
Material Metal gear, aluminum alloy case

All features and specifications subject to change without notice.