L86duntu Release Note

V1.1 – 2016.2.25

  • Kernel version is updated to 3.4.6.
  • Add mraa (0.9.0), upm (0.5.0) libraries and update CMake tool chains (2.8.11).
  • Add video stream function.
  • Add 86Duino_Tools directory in home/dmp, provide the useful tools.
  • Add Servo86 library in 86Duino Linux SDK.
  • Add a Make.SO file in every library (include cores) to build .so dynamic library.
  • The hostname is changed from “L86duntu” to “86duino”, user can use “86duino.local” name to connect to L86duntu via SSH or FTP

v1.0 – 2016.1.1

  • Add 86Duino Linux SDK in home/dmp directory.
  • Automatically loading CANBus driver when booting.
  • Default, enable 6 COM ports and automatically initialize when booting.

v0.9 – 2015.10.23

  • Kerenl version 3.2.0.
  • Installed the USB Ethernet Gadget driver, users can transfer files via FTP and web harddisk.
  • Installed the USB display driver to connect DFROBOT usb display module.
  • Support 4 console output with COM1, COM2, COM3, and RS232.
  • Default L86duntu enter text mode after booting, you can enter X window mode by command.
  • Add 86Duino Logo picture on desktop.
  • Modify “dmp” account as root, and add it to lp group.
  • Installed the bluetooth tools (bluetooth, bluez-utils, blueman, obexftp).
  • Installed Intel WiFi module driver (iwlwifi-6000g2a.ucode).
  • Installed the VNCServer tool.
  • Installed the USB WiFi tools and driver (iw, uudhcpc, rtusb2800usb driver).
  • Add the 86Duino_LAN_Drive directory on desktop, it is used to transfer file when you connect L86duntu with web harddisk.
  • Default disable Apache2 tool, user can enable by himself if need.
  • Installed gcc 4.9.2.
  • Installed Node.js 0.10.42.
  • Installed ROS (Hydro Medusa) and OpenCV 2.4.9.
  • Installed Scratch 2.