86Duino Filament

About 印匠の糸
Professional Production
We use Natureworks PLA raw material and source finest pigment , we can ensure the most consistent and highest quality for every spool filament.


Organized Winding
Within special filament winding system, we provide excellent organized winding on spool, can avoid filament snapping and break when in printing, if the spool winding is not organized.


Consistent Diameter and Roundness
Our filament extrusion line uses Micro Laser measurement system to control and check diameter and roundness during production, we guarantee each spool of 86Duino Line is produced with a precision tolerance by ± 0.03mm on our 1.75mm PLA filament.

Printing Tips
  • This filament will run best at an extruder temperature of 190-210 ℃
  • Recommend use 86Duino tape or painter tape on the print bed to ensure the first layer of the print stick to the bed
  • Clean nozzle after every use
  • Clean the print bed after each day of printing
  • Stability and higher print:
             ◎ Speed of extruder set to 30-60mm/second
             ◎ Infill at least 30%