LCD12864 Library

This library is available from 86Duino Coding 106 and is an 86Duino porting of the unofficial Arduino 12864 Graphics LCD library. One can refer to Arduino’s tutorial page for the usage of this library.

How to connect LCD12864 Module with 86Duino

The connecting method between 86Duino and Arduino is difference. Before using this library, first refer to the below description which tell you a correct method to connect LCD12864 module with 86Duino.

LCD12864 module have 20 pins and the part of communication: 8 data pins (D0 ~ D7), 5 transmission control pins (D/I, R/W, E, RST, PSB). The other pins: LCD12864 power pins (GND, Vcc), backlight power pins (BLA, BLK) and brightness control pins (VO, VOUT). Note: if want to adjust the brightness of LCD12864, you need a 10K ohm variable resistor to connect with VO, VOUT and GND pins. The connecting method of LCD12864 module and 86Duino, show as below (86Duino Zero for example):


Example for connecting:


Note: digital pin 43 pins are very closed with the metal shell of 86Duino CPU. To avoid shorted each other, you should do some protecting thing for every pin to isolate the metal shell like below:



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