The 86Sense RM-320 is a 3-axes force sensor, based on printed graphene technology with a compact size of 68mm in diameter.

Max. sensing force up to 2000N and 40N.m, processing by exhibiting variation of signal when force is exerted on surfaces, RM-320 provides dual calibration and enhanced sensitivity without compromising signal integrity, intelligent functionality, maximum sensitivity, and ultimate compactness ensure that 86Sense will answer your needs.


| Using RS-485 transmission method (up to 6Mbps), the expandable module can be upgraded to EtherCAT communication specifications.

|Designed with multiple deformation sensing areas to sense forces from multiple directions

Main specifications

Measuring range
Force range
Moment range
Mx, My
±40 N-m


Signal noise

Force in Z 0.1 N
Moment in X, Y 0.005 N-m


Data output rate




RS485 Up to 6M bps


Temperature compensation

15℃ to 35℃



All features and specifications subject to change without notice.

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