How to connect Arduino GSM shield with 86Duino

The connecting method between 86Duino and Arduino is difference. Before using this library, first refer to the below description which tell you a correct method to connect Arduino GSM shield with 86Duino.

Arduino GSM shield communicates with 86Duino by UART interface. There are two data pins and a control pin need to be connected with 86Duino. The two data pins are GSMTX, GSMRX and connected to 86DUino pin42 and pin3 in sequence. The control pin is Reset and connected to 86Duino pin7. In addition, Arduino GSM shield also needs 5V and GND, we connect them to 5V pin, GND pin on 86Duino in sequence. And then, you can use GSM library to control GSM module.

The connecting method of Arduino GSM module and 86Duino, show as below (86Duino Zero for example):


Example for connecting:


In addition, the GSM library supports another kind of communicating mode: Hardware Serial. In default, the GSM library works under Software Serial mode, and will have a better stability for communicating if enable Hardware Serial mode. As below, we will introduce the method that connect Arduino GSM Shield to 86Duino One under Hardware Serial mode.

In your sketch, called useHardwareSerial() to enable Hardware Serial mode before calling begin(), refer to the below example:

#include <GSM.h>

#define PINNUMBER ""
GSM gsmAccess;
GSMVoiceCall vcs;

void setup() {
    useHardwareSerial(); // Enable Hardware Serial mode
    boolean notConnected = true;
        notConnected = false;
        Serial.println("Not connected");
    // ....
void loop() {
    // ....

Then compile and upload your sketch to 86Duino, and refer to the connecting method as below:


Example for connecting:


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