The RoBoard RM-145 3-Axis ±2000° / sec, Gyro is fully integrated 3-axis (X-Y-Z) gyroscope which integrates the IDG-650 and ISZ-650 chips onto one board. The communication is done via I2C. The dimensions of the board are only 20 x 20 mm.

The IDG-650 gyro includes the integrated electronics necessary for application ready functionality. It incorporates X- and Y-axis low-pass filters and an EEPROM for on-chip factory calibration of the sensor. The ISZ-650 gyro incorporates a Z-axis low-pass filter and an OTP memory for on-chip factory calibration of the sensor.

  • Power input: DC-in 5V
  • Dual gyroscope IDG-650 (X and Y axis)
  • Z axis gyroscope ISZ-650
  • Communication through I2C interface
  • AD7998 I2C address (7 bit address) : 0x21

What’s Included
  1. RM-G145 : Main Module (Hardware only)
  2. Cable-RM-1 : RoBoard Module Cable (1.25mm cable)